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Malibu Catering was founded in 2005 by Lisa Stalvey, (see her story in Who We Are).  We use only the highest quality and organic ingredients to make your dining experience an unforgettable one. First, it's all about presentation, then the taste which comes together while eating her food. Malibu Catering offers a plethora of dishes which is why we prefer to make your event or gathering as original as possible. Malibu Catering also offers, florists, rentals, wait staff, scullery, and bartenders. Lisa's favorite dishes are seen below. We love what we do and love everything we offer, but are open to new ideas and dishes from you. We aim to please whenever we can and hold up a standard of quality and excellence. 

Malibu Catering has withstood the test of time, constantly keeping up with what's happening without losing the simplicity of cooking. Our roasted whole baked salmon with citrus and lemon honey butter is a favorite of our clients, as is the beet and goat cheese salad. Our crab cakes are made with either dungeness crab or lump crab meat, depending on your budget. Our cheese boards are simply amazing, never repeated twice, and made for any size event. Malibu Catering has catered for some very interesting & famous people over the years, and specialize in last minute, emergency events! Malibu Catering has your every need. 

Lisa Stalvey- Chef | Owner

Cell | 310.775.0979


Frank Coady- Chef | 

Cell | 310.492.3566

email |

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