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Some of Malibu Catering Dishes
Constantly Changing.

Crab Fennel Cakes- with lemon
Shrimp- with lemon honey butter on shaved fennel and onions
Lamb with Lisa Spice.jpeg
Rack of Lamb- on arugula salad, sides of potatoes, asparagus and brocolli
Chicken skewered with crouton, baby bufala and red pepper.jpg
Appetizer- skewered chicken, brioche crouton, peppers, baby bufala  with balsamic glaze
Micro Greens Salad- with apples, toasted almonds, marinated goat cheese with passionfruit dressing
Asparagus Roasted with maple pecans and balsamic syrup
Roasted Asparagus- with maple pecans and balsamic glaze
Chilean Bass in white bean italian parsley, green bean and asparagus salsa.jpeg
Baked Halibut- with dill butter on green bean, baby tomato, white bean salad
Vegetarian Buratta- with eggplant, Heirloom tomatoes, basil and grape balsamic reduction
Baked Whole Salmon- with dill garlic butter and citrus, sides of vegetables, potatoes and rice
Apple, Fennel, Cucumber and Jicima Salad- with opal and green micro basil with truffle oil and lemon dressing
Lobster on Truffle risotto and peppers
Lobster- on truffle brown rice with peppers and asparagus
Cheese Boards- with vegan and sheeps cheeses
Acini de Pepi- roasted cauliflower, garlic, saffron and basil butter, onions and basil
Date and Fig Crackers- with vegan chive cream cheese and quince jam
Italian Buffet
Panzanella Lisa.jpeg
Panzanella Salad a la Lisa
Baby Artichokes and Oyster Mushrooms.jpg
Sauteed Wild Mushrooms and Artichokes
Chilean Bass on Grlled vegetable salsa.jpeg
Chilean Bass- on roasted vegetable salsa and mashed potatoes with furukake
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