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A Little Bit About Lisa 


Lisa has been in the catering business for over 17 years, enjoying many wonderful memories with our clients. World Famous Executive Chef, Lisa Stalvey, has been cooking professionally for 42 years, training under Wolfgang Puck at Ma Maison for 1 year and went on to work at L'Orangerie and La Toque.  She then became Wolfgang's head chef at Spago, Sunset, in 1986, just 7 years into her career. 


After Spago, Lisa consulted for many restaurants and cooked privately for several clients in Malibu for 5 years. She also went to Iceland to bring California Cuisine to Reykjavik. After consulting for 3 months, Lisa traveled Europe for 5 weeks bringing new ideas with her for the opening of "Bambu" - a legendary Malibu restaurant where she was hired as the executive chef upon her return.  During her 5 years at Bambu, Lisa won 3 awards for one of the 'Top 100 Chefs in America" - leading other chef's into culinary excellence. Lisa met Paul Newman at Bambu, and he was so impressed with her work, he hired her to develop two products for Newman's Own. She wrote two cookbooks for him as well. After two years with Newman's Own, Lisa continued cooking privately while developing her own catering business. Lisa started Malibu Catering in 2005.


Lisa is passionate about cooking and loves creating menus for you, our future client. Malibu Catering uses only the finest ingredients and prepares each dish with an infusion of passion and creativity. We prefer to always use organic ingredients. Just ask us.





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