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Services Offered

Whether it be your wedding, birthday, corporate event or just a celebration, you have this venue and services available to you all in one!

  • Malibu Catering Services- includes waiters, bartenders, scullery, kitchen staff and the owner. Lisa on site

  • Photographer

  • Rentals

  • Valet

  • Day Of Wedding Coordinator

  • Flowers

Malibu Catering understands the importance of 'the big day', so we do everything possible to make it your best day! When Frank and I married, it was the best day of our lives. I planned it all and had the best time doing it. Malibu Catering thinks all aspects of the wedding are equally important, but the food is something people never forget. Malibu Catering has the best service to make your day unforgettable as well. We also work in most budgets.

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