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At MalibuCatering, we understand the importance of providing healthy dishes for our customers. That's why we offer a wide variety of gluten free, paleo, vegasn, vegetarian and organic produce and other products for you body's health. My Flip EBook, The Thoughtful Chef, offer recipes that are made with fresh, natural ingredients and are free from preservatives, additives, and chemicals. I encourage you to do your best to cook and eat this way. Our Flip EBook is perfect for those looking for a convenient and nutritious meal options. All our menus are prepared with the utmost care and attention to ensure that they are both healthy and delicious. We believe in providing our customers with the best quality food so that they and their guests can enjoy a guilt-free dining experience. 

To read my experience, click on My New Cookbook Tab. 

Please click on the link below to order your invaluable book for only $15.00. Once you've paid, a link will be sent via email address! 

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